There are about 2.1 million active businesses in Australia, 97% of which are categorized as small businesses employing less than 20 staff. Of the small businesses registered, 61% or about 1.3 million do not employ staff and about 94% (a little less than 2 million) have an annual turnover of less than $2 million.


Chances are you own and manage your own enterprise and have done so for at least a couple of months (maybe even years). After the initial start up jitters, you have kept things flowing on your own and now understand what your business needs to keep on growing. Wouldn’t it be great if you could ask someone for advice on where you are doing well and where you need to improve. Or even just an idea of how your performance compares with your peers.

Stop looking. You have arrived at Rainbow Visions, your one-stop resource center for answers to your business concerns. Reach out to an online community of peers and mentors who share their tips, advice, and experience on the daily aspects of business management and the strategic side of being an entrepreneur.

Your business has been running smoothly so far. However, each day you are starting to get bogged down with the amount of repetitive tasks you need to do just to keep up with paperwork. A lot of your time is spent recording, tracking, sending out, or following up those billings and invoices. And then you spend some more of your time making sure that you have sufficient stock, and if not, making sure the proper orders are made.

Before you know it, another business day has ended and you still need to make a few phone calls to suppliers and customers as well as look at some data on how your business is doing. It seems that you rarely have time to really think about where you want to bring your business and how you want to expand it.

This is perhaps one of the biggest challenges for small businesses anywhere. Knowing that you need help but clueless about where to get it. And we haven’t even talked about whether or not it’s the right help. Regardless if you are a startup or have years of experience tucked under your belt, there are times when you just need outside help and advice to hurdle business challenges like operational bottlenecks, logistics and supply chain issues, or even just basic accounting and bookkeeping.

Get the right professional advice from the articles and resources here on Rainbow Visions. Sometimes, though, help is not in the form of information or advice. It might be time to hire new staff to relieve you of some administrative work so you can focus on growing the business. There are many options. You can outsource, hire new staff, or even go virtual.

Don’t worry, it’s a decision that every one-man operation has to make at some point. Check out our local reviews to see how others dealt with this critical juncture in their own business or get advice about the options that best suit your requirements.
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